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Dovetail Orchestra exists to provide a welcoming space for asylum-seekers and refugees, building connections through music and supporting musical learning on a regular weekly basis.


Payment system for donations to let visitors decide how much they would like to donate using an intuitive and secure stripe checkout gateway.
This straightforward “pay-what-you-want” approach, embedded in the website, streamlines the process and leaves visitors satisfied with their donation.
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Founded in 2022, the Dovetail Orchestra has welcomed people from over 17 countries to come and play with them.
The Dovetail Orchestra is proud of its welcoming nature that is open to all so it would only make sense to have different language options for everyone around the world. A flexible language switcher was needed which now floats in the bottom right on each page to make it as clear as possible.It has the functionality to instantly translate the entire website globally with just one click.

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