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How to build a website

These are the 8 steps I have found are vital to building a website from scratch successfully:
1. Mood board - should inspire you and give you an idea of which direction the style should go in as well as the feel of the overall design.
2. Wireframe - should help you plan out the structure of the website as a whole as well as the layout of each page so that your website can optimise for a pleasant user journey.
3. Content - quality content will be recognised by users and google so it’s worth putting in the effort to answering the questions people might have when they go on your site.
4. Design - design is what keeps users engaged with your content.
5. Development - this is the part where you bring your design to life and develop it so that to can be seen and used online.
6. SEO - being online isn’t enough. Optimising for search engines is important so that you can actually be noticed on the rankings.
7. The legal stuff - the most boring but necessary part is making sure that you are protected so this will include a privacy policy, cookie banner and cookie policy (if not included in the privacy policy)
8. Maintenance - now that your website is online, you need to make sure it is secure and runs smoothly.
A more detailed step-by-step guide is on my instagram.