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Why have a website in the music industry?

All in one place

Unlike with social media, all of your content can be in one place and organised however you like. You will be able have 100% ownership over all of your content and the website itself can act as a library, biography, shop and any other functionalities you might want it to have. 


It gives you complete creative control meaning it is completely unique to you and your brand. This means you can divide how your content is presented giving you the opportunity to allign it fully to how you want to be seen online. You can create atmospheric and engaging interfaces that reflect your personality and values. This level of versatility and customisation can only be achieved by using a website.


Assuming you are using Wordpress, you will own the website and its contents and have full control over which technologies you would like to use. Although unlikely, anything can happen to social media platforms making them less reliable than a website.

Get discovered

Websites give you a way to present yourself and what you do on search engines like Google allowing you to get organic traffic via searches. The best way to take full advantage of a search engine optimised (SEO) website is to update the content regularly, make sure it is running smoothly and use it alongside other social media platforms.


Websites are great. If you’re serious about getting noticed online then you should definitely consider it.